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the nell and hetty part of the special features i’m in love 

eco understanding the darker side of his character gives me life 

somebody’s going to write a fanfic where the team go to see Guardians of the Galaxy and Densi get really awkward when Rocket is on screen and everybody else wonders which one of their many issues involve computer generated racoons aren’t they?

this is going to be a thing, right? 

my dvd’s arrived hallelujah 


31 day challenge
day 3 - best story arc → Descent/Ascension


make me choose: eric beale or barrett foa


Nell being a complete nerd and only being kind of, half comfortable with it is both completely adorable to me and also kind of painful, I don’t want her to be self-conscious I just want her to be happy being her.

I just really, really love Nell.

I need the Dvd’s I just yelped when I saw gifs in the tags