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NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge

Day 31: Bonus day

Because it’s not NCIS:LA unless they’re making Los Angeles into the explosion capital of the world. 

I really hope that if they get drugs related cases in S6 they call Talia as their DEA contact.

She’s great.

Want more Talia. 

this is my favourite subtle (maybe not intentional) gag of the show because 

when i see this


all i can imagine is this happening the other end of the building


NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge

Day 30: Favourite gun fight 

The sequences in Kill house were incredibly filmed and choreographed and though, technically, it wasn’t just a gun fight, it’s definitely this for me. 

i was sent a fanmail from 197863451 and since this is a sub-blog i can’t reply so

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i’ve lost 3 followers over that sam and deeks post and you can definitely call me amused 

NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge

Day 29: A scene you love but everybody else hates

This isn’t exactly what the day is meant to be because i really don’t know the fandom at large’s opinion on anything. But, really, I’m pretty sure the fandom would have been frustrated at Deeks and Sam pre-season 5. I however, actually love that it wasn’t perfect. Sam is a Navy man, through and through, Sam thrives on order and efficiency and the navy’s particular brand of patriotic loyalty. He has extreme pride in his background and absolute faith in those like him, he believes that this is the best you can be, it’s why it matters so much to him whenever we have any case involving seals.

First of all, I like that in an ensemble show, they actually didn’t make everything happy and zippy between each member. It’s not like Deeks and Sam were mortal enemies, they’re friends, they still got on just fine, but it also didn’t mesh, they’re like oil and water. I guess you could say that the thing i like that i’m gathering most don’t is the tension between the two characters. 

Deeks is the complete opposite of everything Sam has evolved to see as the the ideal qualities needed to perform their job and do it well. Sam values order and seriousness, Deeks thrives on the opposite of this. Not only are their personalities vastly different, but their looks reflect this too. Sam is no nonsense, shirt, jeans. Deeks has a head of scruffy hair and he’s usually a little scruffy around the edges too. He is far from no nonsense. Deeks thrives on nonsense. 

The fact that these two don’t mesh is great to me, because the fact that it bothers sam so much but doesn’t bother Deeks is also so in character for both of them. Deeks has no predisposition that his way is the law. Sam does. 

I also think the resolution to this is beautifully placed into the story (if not galling to watch). When Sidorov gets them both, Sam goes in knowing what’s going to happen because he’s been there before. He knows Deeks hasn’t been there before, and all that’s left for Sam to do is pray, powerlessly, that Deeks will keep Michelle safe under stress nobody should have to go through.

As an audience, we all knew Deeks would never give her up, he just wouldn’t ever do something like that. But we know Deeks better than Sam does. Sam wasn’t aware that just because Deeks’ power manifests through disorder that it wasn’t just as strong as his. But he learns, that even under that torture, that actually, Deeks and him are very similar. 

Deeks and Sam, neither of them would betray somebody, least of all somebody they both knew. They are both unfailingly loyal and strong and convicted. They are both completely committed to doing their jobs and keeping people safe. 

I like this arc, both good and bad,  because Sam goes into it thinking that him and Deeks have nothing in common, that they were complete opposites, but learns that actually, they’re both incredibly similar where it matters. That when they go right down to the bone and the most animal parts of them, they’re both still completely committed and loyal to their cause and to causing no harm to others. And when they both come out the other side they finally understand each other. 

And i actually think this is one of the best arcs in the show. 

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NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge 

Day 28: Most disappointing moment

Okay, A) I love this scene, a lot, but really, really honestly, the fact that there was no physical contact between the two of them when i was expecting there to be killed me. I was aiming for a hug, a kiss on the cheek. I got nothing. I was so disappointed. 

NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge

Day 27: Worst timing 

NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge

Day 27: Worst timing 

NCIS Los Angeles 31 Day Challenge 

Day 26: Favorite At Home Scene

My love for Michelle Hanna knows no bounds.